MWC 2010 Video: What’s New with HTC Sense UI Demo

During Mobile World Congress 2010 HTC unveiled the HTC Desire and HTC Legend smartphones, both of which sport the new updated HTC Sense user interface which delivers several new things to the UI, but what exactly does the updated Sense UI offer?

Well you are about to find out because the guys of intomobile were at Mobile World Congress 2010 and they managed to gain some time with an HTC Legend handset to take a look at the new updated HTC Sense UI.

As usual with these occasions they of course had the video camera ready and rolling to capture the occasion, the video of which we have for your viewing pleasure below and lasts for four and a quarter minutes, and covers the HTC Sense UI update nicely.

The new HTC Sense UI homescreen now features a multitouch pinch known as ‘Leap’ and then there’s a social networking widget called ‘FriendStream, but rather than me explain it I’ll just let you hit up the video below…enjoy.

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