Video: HTC Hero running updated Sense UI

As you may be aware, the HTC Espresso runs an updated version of HTC’s Sense UI, there have been a few screenshots hit the net waves recently, and apparently a leaked ROM has now been hacked onto an HTC Hero.

Thus we have for your viewing pleasure a video of the Espresso ROM running on an HTC Hero handset which can be viewed below courtesy of the guys over at engadget and lasts some three minutes.

The updated Espresso Sense user interface does look to be cleaner over all and the new launch bar at the bottom looks to be quite handy, although the translucent apps take some getting used too.

As usual with this type of video it is a tad shaky and of course no real commentary by the user, but it does give you an overall look at the HTC Espresso Sense user interface, so without further ado hit it up and check it out.

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