AT&T Cuts Off iPhone from NYC

In what seems to be a bid to alleviate the data congestion problems iPhone users have been experiencing, it looks like AT&T has found a way to lessen the problem, by halting online sales of the iPhone in New York City according to an article over on the Consumerist.

Although apparently AT&T is taking the line that the removal of online ordering of the iPhone in NYC is due to credit card fraud and routine sales strategy changes.

However when the Consumerist contacted AT&T customer service about not being able to purchase the iPhone online in NYC, the representative confirmed this was the case and stated that New York is not ready for the iPhone, and that they don’t have enough towers to handle the phone.

The thing is apparently you can still purchase the iPhone online anywhere else and you can still buy the iPhone in Apple and AT&T stores in NYC, and as far as we know it is only the NYC area that can no longer purchase the iPhone online.

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