Android 2.0 or 2.1 coming to T-Mobile G1?

Not sure where they get their information from or whether it will turn out true or just another rumour surfing the Android rumour mill, but according to an article over on android spin, the original Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1 will be getting an Android update.

Apparently an anonymous source has “confirmed” that the T-Mobile G1 will receive an Éclair update and will be at least Android 2.0 but more than likely to be Android 2.1 and both versions have been prepared for an over the air update.

The word is from this anonymous source that a lucky few T-Mobile G1 users already have the Android Éclair update although nothing can be released just yet due to non-disclosure reasons.

Well I have a T-Mobile G1 and will definitely be keeping my eye out for this Éclair update if it happens to come along, and will of course let you know if it does appear.

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