First Generation Android Phones Not Getting Android 2.0?

With the Motorola Droid sporting Android 2.0 apparently many Android users are asking when will Android 2.0 come to first generation Android handsets. Which is an obvious question when you look at it, why should first-gen Androids be updated to Android 2.0?

Well according to a report over on android and me, they believe several first-gen Android handsets won’t see an Android 2.0 update as all the evidence they have gathered points to this and doesn’t look too good for those packing first generation Android.

They list several reasons as evidence such as lack of Qualcomm and others hardware drivers for Android 2.0 kernel, lack of comments from carriers and mobile phone makers, limited first generation internal storage pace, mobile handset manufacturers releasing Android 1x handsets next year, and Google back porting Maps Navigation to Android 1.6.

They also say that only 2 handset firms have said their devices will get Android 2.0, the HTC Hero gets Éclair and the Samsung Behold II gets Android 2.0 and those announcements came via Twitter and YouTube.

As for carriers and the question of Android 2.0, the guys hit them up and the response was…HTC say Android 2.0 on the Droid Eris is up to Verizon asking for it…Motorola on the CLIQ say it can receive updates but do not confirm it will get Android 2.0…Sprint say there are no major OS upgrades planned…T-Mobile say they are working with Google to deliver Android 2.0 but do not state which handset will get it…and Verizon say on the subject of the Droid Eris gaining Android 2.0, they have no additional info they can share at this time.


One thought on “First Generation Android Phones Not Getting Android 2.0?”

  1. Tapple says:

    Reguardless if T-mobile releases 2.0 for the G1, xda devolpers have already got a working 2.0 rom. It’s runnable and works 90%, with only some minor issues that they’ll have ironed out in a few weeks.

    If T-Mobile decides against bothering with the upgrade, anyone brave enought to root their phone will still enjoy upgrades. As long as xda keeps an intrest in the G1 that is.