Walmart Budget Prices the HTC Droid Eris to $25

It appears that US mobile customers were surprised on Tuesday to find one of the hottest smartphone available languishing in Walmart’s budget bin as the smartphone was the HTC Droid Eris, knocked down from its $99 price point to a staggeringly low $25.00 reports hexus.

Of course that $25.00 HTC Droid Eris still comes joined to a Verizon Wireless contract, and apparently the HTC Droid Eris isn’t the only smartphone which is being give a pricing chop as Dell is now offering the much hyped Motorola Droid at a cut down price of $119 rather that it’s price of $199 only 2 weeks ago.

With these quick drops in price on Android smartphones, although it probably has something to do with the United States Black Friday event, could these sudden price drops signify that “Droid” isn’t doing as well as expected?

Will we see Droid phone prices go back up after the Black Friday event or will they simply keep on falling? $25.00 for the HTC Droid Eris is dangerously close to that free on contract mark, so maybe the handset will go that way soon too.

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