Virgin Mobile Canada to Offer iPhone in Feb

Over in the great white space of Canada, the iconic iPhone is available on several carriers, much to the annoyance no doubt of those down in the states who still have to put up with a single iPhone carrier. And now Canada is about to get yet another iPhone carrier.

According to an article over on mobile syrup, Virgin Mobile Canada has now officially stated that they will offer the iPhone with the official line being “Virgin Mobile Canada will launch the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in Virgin Mobile Retail Stores and online in Canada in the coming months.”

Having said that, as mobile syrup believes Virgin Mobile will launch the iPhone in Canada sometime in February, but they are not letting on yet about expected price plans, but no doubt will probably be around the same area as all the others.

So if you’ve been holding off purchasing the iPhone in Canada for whatever reason, you will now shortly have another carrier option to choose from, and just maybe Virgin Mobile Canada will try to undercut the rest and offer the iPhone at a more attractive price.


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