Digi to offer iPhone in Malaysia

Ending Maxis Communications exclusivity over the iPhone in Malaysia, Digi.Com Bhd will now offer the iconic iPhone in Malaysia to tap the market which it forecasts will grow 10 fold over the next 5 years reports an article over on businessweek.

Johan Dennelind, the CEO of Digi has stated in an interview in Kuala Lumpur that “growth is coming back this year, and that they will begin offering the iPhone 3GS in the coming months.

Digi has signed a 3 year deal with Apple for the iPhone and Digi expect sales to increase in excess of 5% this year which is higher than the industry average.

According to Dennelind, sales rose 2% in 2009 which slowed from 10% in 08 as the economy of Malaysia shrunk some 1.7% and the government predicts economic growth the exceed 4% this year. Digi say that their agreement with Apple is a step in the right direction.

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