23rd March will see Nexus One hit Verizon

Apparently the rumour surrounding Google’s Nexus One superphone is that the Big Red may just gain the Android superphone for their network on the 23rd of March, which will make Verizon Wireless the 2nd carrier to offer the Nexus One in the United States, reports mobilemag.

The 23rd of March also just happens to be the opening day of CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas, so whether Google and Verizon have planned to launch the Nexus One on the Big Red network on that date maybe purely coincidental or maybe not.

Not that you need reminding but the Nexus One offers a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Android OS, 3.7 inch WVGA touch screen display, GPS, Google services, digital compass, Bluetooth, and a 4GB microSD card.

Other rumour has it that the Nexus One will make its debut in Europe in April via Vodafone which will also mean T-Mobile will no longer hold exclusivity over the Nexus One.


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