Videos: Big Red and Big Blue Commercial Battle Continues

Yes folks, the Big Blue broke the not slagging off Verizon truce when they recently put out a new Luke Wilson commercial, and now the Big Red returns the favour with a couple of new commercials that hit out at the AT&T network again.

This time round though Verizon has decided to reach back in time and grab a couple of ‘classics’ and added their own flavour to the mix, including what appears to be officially recognising their ‘Big Red’ nickname.

Both videos of course feature the Red and Blue network coverage maps as expected. The two videos are the DeBeers classic ‘shadows’ and Wrigley’s Big Red series including catchy theme music.

You can of course catch both videos below courtesy of the guys over at enagdget and combined last about a minute so hit them up and check out the latest salvo in the Big Red and Big Blue Battle.

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