Verizon and AT&T Kiss, Make Up, and Drop Suits

It appears that both Verizon and AT&T have now both raised the white flag in the battle of the adverts and have apparently agreed to stop complaining about each others advertising campaigns reports an article over on Cnet.

Apparently AT&T has dropped their lawsuit against Verizon and Verizon has agreed to halt a lawsuit against AT&T, and I’m sure you are all aware these legal wrangling where all over the advert about coverage, reliability and 3G network.

But there is now to be peace between the Big Red and Big Blue, but although the peace reins in the US the overflow of their campaign in Canada between carriers Rogers and Telus continues.

The thing is, do mobile phone carriers really think adverts claiming best coverage, best network and the like, really have any sway with the general public? I’m sure most of the public takes all those adverts with a grain of salt, after all one can’t believe everything that comes from the horse’s mouth can one. Still peace between the carriers may prevail for now, but how long until the next battle?

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