Windows Mobile 7 Detailed with IE7 and Silverlight

The word hitting the net waves is Windows Mobile 7 operating system will include Internet Explorer 7 along with an optimised game experience and some Zune features according to an article over on msftkitchen who gain their info from a series of Linkedin resumes.

Further evidence supports the inclusion of Microsoft’s online tech such as SharePoint and Silverlight for Windows Mobile 7 and that also Portable Media Center may well be included as well.

Apparently the resumes also make mention of Motorola developing a Windows Mobile 7 handset which may include touch screen gestures along with a new keyboard layout for fingers rather than stylus.

Obviously nothing is confirmed about Windows Mobile 7 so is basically just speculation at this moment in time and there is no word on any likely release date either other than the first Windows Mobile 7 handset may ship in the 2nd half of 2010.


One thought on “Windows Mobile 7 Detailed with IE7 and Silverlight”

  1. Jenko says:

    Motorola dropped Windows Mobile as a lost cause for consumer handsets. It has no future. Instead, Moto went 100% with Google’s Android on every consumer phone.

    But Motorola has always made some industrial and rugged devices that use Windows Mobile. The article will be referring to one of these devices.

    The features being touted for Windows Mobile 7 will not impress the public. IE7 will still be inferior to other browsers, such as Opera. Nobody will want to use IE7 on a handset.

    Sharepoint will not attract the public to buy these phones, as Google does collaboration much better. Silverlight will fail, because it’s not cross platform enough. It really only works on Windows (though a hobbled Mac version exists).

    So the news about WinMo7’s features really confirms to everyone that Microsoft is dead in the mobile space, and there’ll be nothing over the next two years to change that.

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