First Blood to Verizon in AT&T vs. Verizon Legal Battle

The first engagement between Big Blue AT&T and Big Red Verizon has apparently been won by the Red corner as Cnet reports that an Atlanta federal judge has declined to grant AT&T a temporary restraining order to force Verizon to stop showing those adverts.

As we know, AT&T files the lawsuit after Verizon Wireless Campaign brought aspersions on AT&T network coverage and AT&T say the Verizon ads mislead customers. AT&T does not dispute that the maps are correct in terms of 3G coverage, but says Verizon is misleading people by implying they can’t use their mobile phone or surf the web when not in a 3G area.

AT&T state that customers can use their mobile phone and access the net by using AT&T’s GPR or EDGE networks which are slower than 3G. Verizon on the other hand says all it is doing is pointing out that AT&T hasn’t invested enough in upgrading their network.

Although AT&T has lost this first engagement to Verizon they have stated that they will continue to press on with the lawsuit. So round one to Verizon, but I’m sure AT&T will come back fighting in what looks like is going to be a long drawn out tit-for-tat battle.