Video iPhone 4G what it may look like

A designer from ADR studio, Antonio De Rosa has come up with a mock up of what the fourth generation iPhone may actually look like.

One thing that is quite striking is how remarkably different than current models, this device features a black aluminium case, which is squarer and has a front facing camera. One of the rumours that’s been floating around is the assumed front facing camera.

In order to make his renderings as appealing as he could he has gone for the Apple Style promo method. He has presented the Apple iPhone 4G as the re evolution of the species.

The device also features an AMOLED display, a front facing camera as well as one on the back. And an aluminium shell and will be running on iPhone OS 4.0. Now most of this we would think could actually be possible maybe apart from the aluminium shell. This has already been dropped in favour of the plastic casing when Apple shipped the iPhone 3G. For more information head over to news.softpedia.com


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