WebOS 1.4 released by Palm for Pre and Pixi

Palm have just released WebOS 1.4 which brings with it video capture, editing and sharing to the Palm pre and the Palm Pixi smartphones.

The update will also allow users to trim down videos and upload them directly to Facebook or YouTube or even share them through an email or MMS message. What’s more it also has support for Adobe’s Flash 10.1 Beta plug in.

Palm have said that the plugin is a standalone application that will be available in the application catalog, although it isn’t known yet when it will become available.

Other benefits from the WebOS 1.4 is you should see improved battery life and application launch time as well as performance increases. There is a new LED messaging feature that will alert the user of a new voice mail message etc even while the phones display is off. To find out more visit news.cnet.com

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