IPhone 4G may have Gesture Based Technology

We’ve all seen just how the competition is getting hotter than ever out there as they all want to take on Apple.

Recently Nokia have announced the new Symbian ^3 and Symbian ^4, Samsung recently announcing the Bada operating system and Microsoft debuting Windows Phone 7. So the question being asked by many is just what is Cupertino going to do in response.

The answer seems to be quite a simple one really the iPhone 4G next generation iPhone 2010 whatever it may be called. We’ve heard from analysts that the company is working on making the new iPhone a bit cheaper. This in turn could well result in the price of the 3G version being reduced.

The iPhone 4G is rumoured to be coming with gesture based technology. According to Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley we can expect Apple to launch the new iPhones in June. They will offer a lower total cost of ownership and also new functionality potentially to include gesture based technology. Source – devicemag.com

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