Apple Patent: combination lock for possible iPhone 4G

Apple is continuing with their evil plans of world domination through the usage of their despicable iPhone. They want you to use your iPhone for everything in your daily lives from making a phone call to saving your life, from playing a game to controlling your armies of iPhone toting soldiers to advance their domination of the world…well not quite like that, but Apple does what you to use the iPhone for everything they can think of.

Apparently an Apple patent intends to add a combination lock type thing to your iPhone according to an article over on intomobile. The Apple patent uses “Motion Based Input Selection” tech which could possibly deliver a number of functions to the iPhone that you may wish to secure with a security PIN or password.

Currently the iPhone can lock the homescreen using a 4 number passcode which is comprised of single digit numbers ranging from 0 to 9; now if you desires to secure your NFC eWallet which may come in the iPhone 4G you may need a large range of numbers to create a stronger passcode and this patent will achieve that.

It’s all fairly technical but apparently the patent would enable the use of a 3 number passcode with a number range from 0 to 45 thus making it much more secure, and could be used to serve as a combination to lock a room’s door, lock your wallet, lock your heat-seeking missile on…sorry. RFID NFC isn’t in the iPhone so if this was to come about it could possible be seen in the iPhone 4G.


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  1. much more secure??? Do you realy think you can grip your iphone in exact e.g. “34° position”? I doubt so. If they would use whole 360°, then they may use maybe 12 positions at maximum, which would be secure and recognisable enough for normal human. with 45°, you can have about 4-5 positions at max.

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