SK Telecom Financial Report Released by Company Financials

Over the past 5 years Company Financials has delivered insights into the financial performance of roughly 1000 global companies. Company Financials has now released a new report on SK Telecom a wireless telecom provider for Korea.

According to the article over on official wire, the Company Financials datapack provides a wealth of financial info relating to cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement and has been designed to be delivered in Datapack Format, XLS.

The datapack contains 5 years of data as above along with other financial reported currency along with its US translation, key ratios, information on revenue distribution by geographies and business segments.

The datapack is useful if you wish to access financial info and analysts on SK Telecom, to understand the company’s financial evolution over 5 years, or build a periodic assessment of the company’s performance, and the datapack for SK Telecom can be gained by going (here)

Image via slashgear

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