XNA Games on Windows Phone Shown Off by Microsoft

Apparently Microsoft has recently shown off XNA 3D games built with XNA Game Studio 4.0, and running on their Asus built Windows phone. However, the guys over at engaget weren’t allowed to snap any pics or video which is a shame.

What they do say though is that the games do actually exist and they do work, one title being The Harvest which is a touch controlled dungeon crawler which is being developed by Luma Arcade, while the other called Battle Punks is a 1-on1 sword fighting Facebook game by Gravity Bear which has been ported over to Windows Phone.

Unfortunately they confirm they didn’t see any 3D camera moves due to Battle Punks basically using 2 characters fighting while The Harvest has some pre-rendered elements and a fixed camera, but have been assured full 3D is possible.

The guys also saw the first looks at universal notifications on Windows Phone, Achievement unlock notices which slide down from the top of the display and then back up and cannot be interacted with. We do have a video for your viewing pleasure below though of VisualStudio in action so hit it up and check it out.

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