First LG Windows Phone 7 Codenamed LG Panther

In case you haven’t already heard, LG’s first smartphone to sport Windows Phone 7 Series has now got itself a codename and is to be known as the LG Panther according to an article over on slash phone.

Apparently the Windows Phone 7 Series packing LG Panther will sport a physical slide QWERTY keyboard and a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, but any other details it would appear LG is keeping under their hat for now.

The word is considering the 3 chassis rule imposed on Windows Phone 7 Series handsets, the LG Panther sits in the second category, and not designed to show of Windows Phone 7’s full potential.

More importantly though is word that LG is planning on releasing the LG Panther in September which is ahead of the holiday season and fits nicely with what Ballmer spoke of at MWC 2010.

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