T Mobile to launch Motorola Cliq XT 17th March

For those of you that are T Mobile customers and also in the United States then it would seem good news is on its way to you according to a report on news.softpedia.com

The new Android based handset is expected soon and it is the Motorola CLIQ XT which has been suggested will be launched tomorrow March 17th, there are no exact details yet though on availability nor the price tag until now.

The latest rumour which is flying around the internet suggests that the Motorola CLIQ XT will be available to purchase on 17th March with a nice price tag of $99.99 this price will include the signing of a contract a two year one although another suggestion is that Even More Plus customers will possibly be able to purchase SIM free for the sum of $329.99

The device will bring with it some cool features for those Android fans out there on T Mobiles network. Considering that the device may also receive an upgrade to Google’s Android operating system possibly 2.1 then the price of just $99.99 seems a pretty good deal.

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