New iPhone 4G: Speculations, Carriers and ridiculous concept video

More new iPhone 4G news for you, sorry if we do your heads in but we need to keep mentioning about this all new device, who the carriers will be and just about anything else we find about this device.

There have been loads of speculations and rumours and we have been right up there amongst other sites talking about it, will the iPhone 4G just be called this because it will be the 4th generation model or will it offer 4G service seeing as many companies like Verizon for example testing out 4G LTE.

Carriers such as Sprint are already prepared with 4G, Verizon are at testing stages and AT&T already hold the exclusive rights to iPhone, AT&T are only at the beginning of providing 4G network. Many still keep asking the same question over, and over again as like we do “Will Verizon carry the iPhone?”

The next-gen iPhone has been said to be launching June 2010 but we are still sceptical about this release date, some say that we will not get the iPhone 4G until at least 2011, there is no hard evidence as of yet when this Apple device will be releasing so we will continue to speculate like the rest of them.

What we do know is that the new iPhone will have many more features and the design will be a lot sleeker than before, no one knows for definite what the handset will feature but many sites like MOU and ourselves have mentioned high definition camera, 32G to 64G variations, iChat camera on the front of the iPhone. What about OLED display, what about Apple making amends and let the device feature Flash.

The new iPhone 4G should definitely feature multitasking, as soon as we hear more solid evidence of the release, specifications, who will carry the new iPhone 4G we will let you know. In the meantime please watch the ridiculous video below, it is funny so worth a watch.


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