Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network: AT&T iPhones users waiting game

Verizon Wireless has been doing bandwidth test for their 4G LTE network and said results of those tests just might make iPhone users a bit envious, that is unless Verizon and Apple can actually get round the table and formulate some deal to deliver the iPhone to the Big Red, otherwise iPhone users will be playing the 4G waiting game.

According to an article over on internet news, Verizon Wireless is steaming ahead in the 4G LTE network game, the successor to the present 3G networks that will deliver faster data transfer.

Data rates is where the big difference comes with 4G as 3G puts out roughly 2 megabits a second while 4G begins at 100 mbps and can hit 1 gigabit per second, at least that is the theory as 4G uses Forward Error Correction which reduces bit error rate, supports larger data packages and thus increases throughput.

Verizon is forging ahead with their 4G LTE network and rival AT&T is expected to follow the 4G move next year, which means it will be at least a year before iPhone users can take advantage of 4G speeds unless the iPhone 4G goes with Verizon Wireless.

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