US Market Share for Android Up, Windows Mobile Down

According to the latest mobile subscriber report by comScore, when it comes to platform market share, the iPhone could be nervous of Android as Android market share in the United States is growing, in fact Android garnered the largest market share gains out of all 5 top smartphone OS’s reports Fortune.

Google’s Android platform, over the last 3 months has managed to grab hold of a 154 percent increase, growing from just 2.8 percent up to a nice 7.1 percent.

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion still commands the top slot in the smartphone arena in the US with a whopping 43 percent of the market and looks to be growing even faster than Apple. Apple market share grew, but only by 1.2 percent.

With these three growing someone has to lose out, and the losers in the market share game this time is both Microsoft with Windows Mobile losing 4 percent, and Palm with webOS losing 2.1 percent.


2 thoughts on “US Market Share for Android Up, Windows Mobile Down”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    The plummeting market share of Microsoft’s Windows Phone speaks for itself. It is a phone platform in its dying stages, as the continuing market losses can’t keep going on forever.

    Meanwhile, Android keeps going on its phenomenal growth curve.

  2. DK says:

    Yes, this type of phone is going to common now.
    Dual System: Windows and Google Android. I see a cell phone on CNDIGIT’s website, they provides the model call Diamond T5353. Which has Dual System (windows and google android), GPS and WIFI etc..

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