Nexus One Trademark Not Granted to Google

Putting aside the fact that Google is facing legal action from the Philip K. Dick estate over the Nexus One smartphone, Google applied for the Nexus One trademark. However according to an article over on Crave, Google has been refused that trademark by the US Trademark Office.

Apparently the reason being that some other company already owns the Nexus trademark, which has been refused due to the Nexus name conflicting with US registration no. 3554195 which was granted to Integra Telecom back in December of 2008.

The Integra Telecom Nexus trademark relates to “the provision of telecommunication services and the transmission of voice and data”. So the word is the Trademark Office thinks the conflicting trademarks would confuse consumers.

Of course as Google’s Nexus One pertains to a mobile phone, Google could appeal and has 6 months in which to do so, or they could simple go the ‘cash speaks louder than words’ route and purchase the trademark from Integra Telecom.

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