40 Percent of BlackBerry Owners Would Swap to an iPhone

Currently Research In Motion’s Blackberry smartphone are the most popular in terms of market share, but according to a recent study performed by Crowd Science, virtually 40% of BlackBerry owners would swap to an Apple iPhone reports an article over on pcworld.

Furthermore, the study showed that not only would 40% of BlackBerry users switch to the iconic iPhone but a third of Blackberry users would be willing to jump the BlackBerry ship to sail aboard Android.

The Crowd Science study shows that many BlackBerry users if given the opportunity would be happy to move to a different smartphone platform, and that the majority of smartphone users use their handset for both business and pleasure, while BlackBerry users, roughly 7%, use their BlackBerry for business only.

The study also surveys iPhone and Android users and has found that unlike BlackBerry users, both iPhone and Android users are not as willing to move to a different platform and that 9 out of 10 of those polled would re-purchase their own brand smartphone.

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