XML Co-founder Joins Google Android

Former Sun Microsoft and co-founder of XML, Tim Bray has joined Google’s Android operating system team this week, and Bray has said the reason he’s here is mostly Android, reports an article over on pcmag.

Bray told the news of his joining Google Android to the readers of his blog with a blog post titled “Now a No-Evil Zone.”

At the same time, Bray decided to also rip into Apple and their iPhone by posting that he ‘hates’ the iPhone’s vision of the mobile internet’s future, which omits controversy, sex and freedom but includes strict limits on who can know what and who can say what.

The Apple ripping post went on with, “it’s a sterile Disney-fied walled garden surrounded by sharp-toothed Lawyers. The people who create the apps serve at the landlord’s pleasure and fear his anger.”

Ah, seems like Bray doesn’t have much time for Apple, the iPhone, and the developers of iPhone applications, does it, so should get along quite well in the Android team then.

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