UK and US: Who provides better service for iPhone?

The iconic iPhone has been available for quite a while both over in the US and here in the UK. Over in the States, our American buddies only have the option of one carrier for their iPhone service, AT&T and there have been numerous complaints about AT&T and the poor quality of service they offer their iPhone customers.

We here in the UK and not so unfortunate as several of the UK carriers now offer the iPhone, although originally the iPhone was exclusive to O2, that exclusivity has now been removed and the iPhone is offered by the likes of Vodafone, Orange, Tesco, and you can even get your iPhone unlocked to go with any carrier in the UK.

So there does seem to be quite a bit of difference between the UK and the US when it comes to offering the iPhone. There is a possibility that the US may catch up with the UK when it comes to availability of the iPhone if and when Apple decided to allow Verizon to offer the iPhone, but that is a widely debated argument.

So, taking all things into consideration, the openness of the iPhone not only in the UK but also in Europe and the suffocation of the iPhone in the US due to the stranglehold of AT&T, who has the better iPhone service, the UK or the US?

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