Apple, RIM, Samsung, LG, Motorola, AT&T Sued over Patent Infringements

The legal game over patent infringement seems to be never ending, as apparently a new lawsuit over patent infringement has been issued on iPhone maker Apple, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, mobile phone makers LG, Samsung and Motorola, Sanyo, Pantech, AT&T, and Insight Enterprises.

According to an article over on The Register, SmartPhone Technologies LLC of Texas filed the suit in the District Court of the Eastern District of Texas, and covers more than 7 patents including ones for Bluetooth connectivity, background processing, syncing and others.

The only patent Apple is not be accused on infringing is “Personal Communications Internetworking” which was granted back in April of 98 to Bell Communications Research, while the rest of the patents which have been allegedly infringed were granted to PalmSource between 04 and 09.

The article does point out though that SmartPhone Technologies LLC doesn’t show up in the business directory of its home town of Frisco Texas and also has no website.

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