Google Slashes Nexus One Sales Projection to 1 Million

It would appear that the Google Nexus One superphone isn’t all that super at catching the interest of the mobile toting public and as a result Google has lowered their Nexus One total unit sales projection for 3.5 million down to 1 million, reports an article over on mobile-contracts.

Basically this shows that the Nexus One Android superphone isn’t doing as well as originally expected, and many say the reason for such floundering sales is that Google opted to offer the Nexus One exclusively in their online store.

Google continues to offer the Nexus One but rumour has it that they are focusing more on developing another Android smartphone, presumably the Nexus Two with Motorola although this hasn’t been confirmed.

With the low sales of the Nexus One, the smartphone manufacturer, HTC has cause for concern as they are about to release the HTC Desire, which is virtually a twin of the Nexus One and as much doesn’t bode will for HTC Desire sales.


2 thoughts on “Google Slashes Nexus One Sales Projection to 1 Million”

  1. Harmohn says:

    Err,..poor argument in predicting Desire sales will be on par with the Nexus, especially considering all the major operators have signed up to sell it through brick and mortar premises!

  2. Brian Dunn says:

    If they released the 9110 format, they would sell a pile. Why would they only sell the crippled 9100 version? I would have bought 9110 back in Jan. Does anyone know what’s up with this?

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