Will you buy Verizon Nexus One March 23?

Currently the two ways to grab a Google Nexus One smartphone in the US is by going through T-Mobile or direct to Google; however that is soon to change as a CDMA version of the Android toting Nexus One is due to this the Big Red network.

According to an article over on cool tech zone, Verizon has been training staff on the latest Android smartphone out of the Google camp, and a Big Red employee has apparently claimed that both Google and Verizon will announce the Verizon Nexus One on the 23rd of March during CTIA 2010.

Obviously both Google and Verizon would like to capitalise on the media limelight of CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas, so it makes perfect sense for them to announce the CDMA Nexus One for Verizon at that time.

So with this in mind, and assuming you are waiting for the nexus One to grace the CDMA network, will you go with Verizon Wireless and purchase the Verizon Nexus One on March 23?


12 thoughts on “Will you buy Verizon Nexus One March 23?”

  1. I believe they are only confirming the Nexus One is coming to Verizon on March 23rd. They are not definitely releasing the phone on that day.

    Has anybody heard anything that the phone will go on sale on that day?

  2. Daniel says:

    I’ve been on Palm PDA/Phones since 1999, and I was going to get the Palm Pre Plus last month, but then I heard that Verizon was going to be getting the Nexus One. A friend of mine got the Droid, but I think it’s clunky and the keyboard sucks. The Pre Plus is really sleek, and I love the WebOS, but then BetaMax was superior to VHS and look what happened. I don’t want to get left behind with a phone whose manufacturer has gone belly up (which is where Palm seems to be heading). I’m so impressed with the Nexus One that I’m even willing to do without that physical keyboard that I thought was indispensable. March 23 will indeed by a great day.

  3. Euler Operator says:

    It depends entirely on whether Verizon will allow one to use an unlocked CDMA Nexus One with an EXISTING account and NOT REQUIRE one to purchase a 3G data plan.

    IF Verizon decides to ‘strong arm’ owners of the Nexus One and REQUIRES them to purchase a $30 – $50 / month 3G data contract, as they do for the Droid, then I’ll be moving over to T-Mobile after 12 years of service with Verizon.

    A Nexus One looks to be an ideal replacement for my combination of Palm PDA and LG phone. However I DO NOT NEED, DO NOT WANT and cannot justify the expense of 3G data network access. WiFi is ADEQUATE for my needs.

    Google and T-Mobile got it RIGHT !!! Provide the option to purchase an UNLOCKED phone and substitute for existing or new phone contracts with or WITHOUT a 3G data plan.

  4. waiting says:

    Can’t wait for this one….and “Sell My House,” Google has already “confirmed” the nexus one on Verizon. Check google.com/phone…

  5. Omar says:

    When you buy from Verizon’s web site you get an online discount. I wonder if you will be able to purchase the Nexu One from Verizon’s web store. I hope beacuse you can combined your upgrade along with the online discount.

  6. Anriket says:

    @pmEuler – really man? Is there any reason to use that many caps? And honestly, why exactly would you buy a smartphone without 3G access? Granted, there are some environments where WiFi is ubiquitous – my school, for one – but I can’t think of any reason to use a phone in that kind of situation. Thin/light laptops were invented for a reason.

    Then again, maybe I’m just prejudiced by your excessive use of capitals. I tend to assume that opinions expressed by loud people are stupid. It’s usually a safe bet, but I’ve been wrong before. Maybe there is a market for WiFi-only PDAs post-2001. I wouldn’t count on it though.

    And yes, I’ll be buying a Nexus One the second it becomes available. I’ve been using an LG Chocolate for 2 years and it has made me a sad panda. The cover on the charger port just broke off this morning – clearly it is a sign.

  7. MammonLord says:

    I’m going to see if people are able to activate the CDMA Nexus One on Sprint without changing plans. If so, an unlocked Nexus One will be mine =D

  8. Anxiously waiting says:

    OMG yes! I have been waiting so long for this phone to hit Verizon. I am not happy if it’s only available through Google’s website however. I am going to go out on a limb and purchase through them if I have to; however, if service becomes too much of and issue I will get a different phone from a verizon store.

    I think it was a very wrong move for Google to sell online only. They would be selling so many more if they were on display.

  9. Anxiously waiting says:

    Good point about the 3G data plan. I have had a existing plan for many years, and… i want to use my discount.
    Interesting to see how the pieces will fall. I am praying they are smart and provide reasonable answers to these issues. Otherwise it’s on to something else or another company.

  10. gooooogle says:

    hey “sell my house” it already says on the google website that verizons nexus is coming this spring. why the hell would they announce on march 23rd that they will have the phone when we already know that verizon is going to carry the phone? idiot…

  11. RAY says:

    EURULER… Seriously? Why in the name of god would you have a smartphone of any caliber without having a data plan? You are obviously not the target demographic or end user for this device. You are the kind of idiot that I hate to see walk into Verizon (i am an employee).

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