Nexus One cracked screen, what HTC support said!

So if you happen to crack the screen of you Google Nexus One smartphone what do you do? Why take it to HTC support of course. Well that’s just what the guys over at Cnet did with their cracked screen Nexus One because Google encouraged them to do so.

So what happened? Well apparently HTC support checked over the smartphone and replied that they basically have no idea what could have cause the screen to crack when the handset wasn’t being handled.

Apparently an HTC tech support rep said, “We’re as mystified as you are.” HTC also stated that they have never heard of a screen cracking when simply sitting on a desk, which in this particular case, the guys at Cnet claims.

The HTC tech support rep suggested that having a phone in a tight pair of jeans and sitting on it would cause the kind of damage, and agreed it is possible that a tiny crack could spread over time much like a chip in a vehicle’s windscreen.

So what will it cost to repair the cracked Nexus One screen? The tech guy responded it will cost about £180 but that does include labour, parts, shipping and taxed. Oh and HTC will ask if you present a cracked Nexus One whether you carry it in your pocket or in its case.


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