Nexus One Sales Poor Due to Google and T-Mobile Says Analyst

It appears the Android Nexus One superphone isn’t doing as well as expected, and analyst company Terfis has stated that “weak” sales of the Nexus One so far can only be blamed on Google and T-Mobile, reports and article over on phoneplusmag.

Estimates by Trefis put Nexus One sales in the first month after availability at 80,000 so basically the 20,000 per week we’ve all heard about. Trefis believes that lack of marketing effort on Google’s part to promote the Nexus One, and their web based storefront is inadequate.

They also point the accusing finger towards Nexus One carrier T-Mobile and say that T-Mobile has had issues with their 3G network which has thrown negative light on the Nexus One.

Trefis believes that with Verizon and Vodafone offering the Nexus One, the smartphone could see sales of roughly 5 million in 2010, however greater coverage doesn’t guarantee better sales as the reception of the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon has shown.


4 thoughts on “Nexus One Sales Poor Due to Google and T-Mobile Says Analyst”

  1. JustMeHere says:

    T-Mobile and Google made a huge blunder with the G1. Many T Mobile customers were willing to pay up to 300 dollars for the phone. Though placing so many limitations on how it could be purchased and used and the ETFs scared many prospective buyers. The Legend and Desire are out. Not the same as an N1. The N1 is starting to look old now. I may pay 150 for it, 300 is now not an option.

  2. mikeeeee says:

    wait ’til my g-1 contract matures in september then, see what i buy.

    by then, all the bugs will be upgraded out of it and the price will drop.

    don’t think i’m alone, look at the number of current g-1 users inthe same position as me.

    looks like ‘analysts’ hit another home run.

  3. Brian Dunn says:

    Maybe if they released the ‘world phone’ version, the ..9110, it would take off. That is what I am waiting for. Great phone with no contracts. Love it. But, then again, I am in Canada and Google has limited the countries the phone is available ro. Very confusing. Does anyone know when the 9110 will be released?

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