Palm Resumes Pre and Pre Plus Manufacture

You may remember, some time ago Palm halted the production of the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus smartphones in China with Palm coming out and officially announcing that manufacture of the smartphones had been places on temporary hold due to the Chinese New Year, you can read the original post (here)

Well, as Palm had officially stated they had halted production of the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus, one would have presumed that once manufacture resumed, Palm would also make an official announcement to that affect.

However, according to an article over on cnbc, this isn’t the case, as Palm has resumed manufacture of the smartphones in China and the only news of that came via the personal blog of Lynn Fox, the vice president of corporate communication for Palm.

One would have thought that with all the problems Palm has been experiencing with Palm sales you would have thought Palm would have made a big splash about their product line getting back into action, but it would appear that Palm’s lacklustre approach is otherwise.

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