HTC Hiring Patent Counsel, I Wonder Why?

As everyone knows by now, iPhone giant Apple has taken legal steps against HTC over 20 iPhone patent violations, and is apparently looking to have HTC products banned from the US, and is also it would appear, targeting the Android operating system.

Obviously Google has come out and said that although they are not involved with the Apple,/HTC legal wrangling, they stand behind their Android operating system and HTC as a partner.

Well the thing is, has HTC been caught a bit off guard with the legal action by Apple? It would appear so, as according to an article over on engadget, HTC is looking to hire amongst others, a patent counsel.

Presumably HTC feels the need to get someone with some patent background aboard to help in the upcoming legal confrontation with Apple. However, I’m sure that Google will also have their battery of legal bods on hand when the time comes.

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