Nokia N900 gaming with Face Dectection like PlayStation EyeToy

So, when you play a racing game are you one of those who sways left and right as you virtually turn the vehicles steering wheel? If you are then you may like to take a gander at this demo video of the Nokia N900 smartphone.

The video which can be viewed below courtesy of the guys over at Cnet, shows a very PlayStation EyeToy style of mobile gaming and controlling the on screen action with face detection on the Nokia N900 smartphone.

The game show in the video on the Nokia N900 is called Burger Face which has the player grab falling burgers whilst avoiding plunging knives. Now the thing about controlling this is the gamer controls the avatar via face movements in front of the Nokia N900’s front facing camera.

The video last just over the three minute mark and the gamer’s picture is show in the avatar in the game. So I’ll just let you hit up that video demo with the Nokia N900 and check it out…enjoy.

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