Government of India plan Telecom, Wimax and Broadband revolution

A report over on igovernment.in states that the government of India has just begun a rather ambitious to say the least programme to wire up the entire northeast and remote border regions.

The intention is they will have telecom, WiMax and broadband connectivity and it will inevitably unleash IT revolution in the region. Sachin Pilot who is the Minster of State for IT and Communications has stated that he believes that the northeast can become a big centre for attracting investments from the private sector.

At the beginning of this fiscal more than Rs 18,000 crore was available for this fund. And it is on a mission to do a lot more in the northeast that hasn’t been done or attempted so far.

Pilot has also claimed that he intends to give satellite phone facilities to villages in the northeast which are cut off from others due to their location along with a much subsidised tariff. Some of the places are 12,000 feet to 14,000 feet high and therefore there is no spectrum and no mobile phones.

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