O2 tariff list shows video calling, is new iPhone 4G coming?

Is this the proof of the iPhone 4G aka 4th generation iPhone coming soon, the reason we say this because of the O2 iPhone tariff list shows UK video calls same as voice calls.

O2 please step up-to the plate and explain this to us please, is there a new iPhone coming or is this list a mix up on your part. We found this news via After Dawn and must say it all looks a little strange.


Seeing as other iPhones such as the 2G, 3G and 3GS do not support video calling or video iChat what does this all mean.

This new listing could mean a number of things, it could be a misprint, or maybe current iPhones will have added hardware to make it all possibly for video conference/chat capabilities, but then the source above does state that iPhone OS 3.2 beta shows references to video calling as well.

We will keep a close eye on this news as we are intrigued now, will hardware be added or will there indeed be a brand new iPhone like the one we all suspect.

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