Nokia N900 Debuts in Australia Tomorrow

At the first Nokia Developer Conference in Sydney Australia the Nokia N900 will make its debut on Australian soil, although the actual device will not go on sale in Australia until early April reports an article over on apcmag.

The Forum Nokia Developer Conference in Sydney is a free event for developers and content providers to learn more about services and mobile apps on the Nokia platform.

The Nokia N900 also is the last outing for the Maemo 5 operating system, as during Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona Nokia stated they are scrapping Maemo 5 in favour of the joint Nokia and Intel operating system Meego.

Meego 1.0 is due later this year along wit the first Nokia handsets sporting the new OS and Nokia’s Kai Oistamo has said the wave after the Nokia N900 is the Meego wave. The pricing of the Nokia N900 in Australia has not yet been revealed.

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