Google Nexus One phone for India with stripped features

India is about to gain the latest Android smartphone out of Google, the Google Nexus One; however, India may be left wanting in the way of Nexus One features as according to an article over on infocera, Google is going to strip down the features on the Nexus One for India.

This stripped down version of the Nexus One is for developing countries much like India and Russia, but on the up side of this, less features also brings a lesser price for this developing counties Nexus One smartphone version.

The slimmed down Nexus One is set to launch in India in the last quarter of 2010, and speculation has placed the Nexus One price in India at more than Rs. 24,000, although that is still only speculation.

So far there is no word in just what features the Indian Nexus One will lose, but word has it that it will not be similar to its US avatar, and as far as I am aware there’s no work on just who will offer the Nexus One smartphone in India.

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