Phones to have augmented reality X-ray vision, Google Earth plays part

Do we really want mobile phones to have augmented reality X-ray vision? Well if all goes to plan, this all could become reality within two years thanks to Researchers at the University of South Australia.

These researchers have developed mobile phone software that will give you x-ray vision; yes you can point the handset at a building for example and see what is on the other side by simply using the phones camera.

Just point the camera at the building and you will get a picture on your handsets screen and it will show you what is behind the building, according to Indian Express the research group has collaborated with Nokia to build this next generation application.

The source above goes on to say in reality this new software uses images and pictures that are already used in databases such as Google Street view and Google Earth. For more information, please visit Indian Express.

Please do let us know if you would like mobile phones to feature X-Ray vision, seriously would you want it?


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