Bing Maps and Search for Chinese Motorola Android Phones

Apparently due to the problems Google is experiencing in China, Motorola has been looking for an alternative search engine for their Chinese Android based smartphones, and now according to an article over on engadget they have found one and partnered Microsoft.

Which means that the default search engine and Maps on Motorola’s Chinese Android handset will as of Q1 be Microsoft Bing; furthermore this new partnership has been describes as “global” so there is a possibility we will see Bing on Motorola handsets elsewhere.

It appears that several are looking to abandon Google as their default engine what with the AT&T Motorola Backflip now using Yahoo rather then Google, and now Motorola turning to rival Bing.

Perhaps the next move for Motorola is to build Windows Phone 7 Series handsets, although they have said they are committed to the Android platform.

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