Video: Windows Phone 7 with Bing Maps integration

During Mobile World Congress where Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7, Bing Maps tech Chris Pendleton spoke to the program manger on Windows Phone engineering team, and of course recording the interview on video which we have courtesy of softpedia.

The video which can be viewed below illustrates how Bing Maps will function on Windows Phone 7 Series shown on the Windows Phone 7 Series prototype Microsoft used at MWC 2010, and basically focuses on hwo next generation Windows phones will deliver Microsoft mapping, location, and search.

Windows Phone 7 utilises multitouch pinch and zoom and Bing Maps knows this and thus when the user zooms in close it switches to Bird’s Eye imagery.

Anyway, the video lasts just over four and a half minutes, so if you wish to learn about Bing Maps on Windows Phone 7 Series head on down and hit play…enjoy.


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