Sprint launch Motorola i890 with push to talk

According to a recent article over at news.softpedia.com Sprint the wireless carrier have announced there have launched a new mobile phone which has Push to Talk capabilities.

The phone we are referring to is the Motorola i890 and according to Sprint those that choose this device wont only get the benefit of the best Push to Talk service of Nextel Direct Connect but also they will benefit from some advanced multi media features.

The device is a nice sleek design and very stylish indeed. It is reported that it is now available to purchase with the Nextel Direct Connect calling plans and also has a nice price tag of just $129.99 which would include the signing of a two year contract.

That also includes a $50 mail in rebate, the device will be available according to the wireless operator via all channels which include Sprint retail stores, Business Direct Sales, Telesales and also Web sales. The handset weighs in at just 4.2 ounces and measures 3.9 inches x 1.98 inches by 0.66. It also supports up to 8GB MicroSD card which isn’t included.

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