Video: How Fast Can You Type On An iPhone?

We have a video demonstration for your viewing pleasure below which shows just how fast someone can actually type on the iPhone virtual keyboard. The guy is using an iPhone app called iTextSpeed which test words per minute typing speed.

Performing said test the guy manages to get up to an extremely fast 83 word per minute on the iPhone, which puts the guy in the same league as many secretaries who use full sized keyboards.

You have to admit 83 words per minute types on the iPhone virtual keyboard is impressive, I can’t even type that on my G1 or PC keyboard. However, the guy isn’t satisfied with just 83 words per minute and intends to beat that figure.

So does this make him the fastest typing thumbs in iPhone land? You can check out the just over one and a half minute iPhone typing test video below which comes courtesy of the guys over at gizmodo, so hit it up and let us know what you think.


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