Is HTC Touch Pro3 Coming Summer or September?

Apparently there is a possibility that HTC will have an HTC Touch Pro3 ready for release in Europe sometime in the summer of this year or at the latest in September reports an article over on unwired view, although this has not as yet been verified.

Apparently someone who claimed they have spoken with the main distributor for HTC in Europe says that the new HTC Touch Pro3 smartphone is “much smaller and thinner” than its predecessor the HTC Touch Pro2.

As expected and real details on this new handset from HTC are scant and currently there are no pictures of the HTC Touch Pro3 available, however rumour has it the HTC Touch Pro3 may sport similar specs to the HTC Tera.

The other thing to consider with a lunch date of summer is that it is possible that the HTC Touch Pro3 could well be in line to be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series, but again that’s all supposition at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Is HTC Touch Pro3 Coming Summer or September?”

  1. Alan says:

    I want a touch pro 3 model bad. Just keep the stylus pen, qwerty slide out keyboard and keep it sporty and business looking like the tp2 and it will be a very popular phone for touch pro lovers. Keep the emails and other online features off, and games. Most people want a business phone for planning on it, and organizing, times, appointments, meetings, making notes on it thats a business phone, and thats a phone that needs to be on the market like its younger brother the tp2.

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