Is HTC Legend Tainted by Vodafone 360?

The much talked about HTC Legend is due to hit the UK soon on the Vodafone network, and according to an article over on Crave, Vodafone is going to slap their 360 all over the HTC Legend, but is there any real need for 360 on the HTC legend?

The HTC Legend already comes with HTC Sense that features one inbox for Facebook and Gmail contacts along with a friend stream application that delivers tweets and status updates in a single widget, so why bother with the addition of Vodafone 360.

You may be aware that Vodafone 360 is a cloud based service which syncs contacts and photos from your handset to the web, and also sports a music store, a browser home page portal which can be customise with widgets and links and also an applications store.

Vodafone already launched their 360 on both the Samsung M1 and Samsung H1 but has thus far failed to make any significant impression due to lack of features when compared to other social networks plus the inability to share data outside the 360 arena.

According to Vodafone, “The Legend will come pre-loaded with a range of Vodafone 360 services, including Vodafone Music and MyWeb, sitting on top of the HTC Sense user interface,” however the HTC Legend will still have access to the Android App Market.

At present it is unknown if Vodafone 360 will be just a pre-installed app on the HTC Legend or if it will be embedding deep in the OS, or even if users will be able to remove it if desired.

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