Vodafone and O2 may Delay UK Spectrum Auction

Here in the United Kingdom we have been somewhat slow in getting around to a mobile spectrum auction and said auction is scheduled to happen sometime in the first half of 2011, however there may be some delay due to Vodafone and O2.

According to an article over on computer weekly, Vodafone and O2 don’t agree with the auction and say that plans to device radio frequencies is unfair and they want the plan reviewed in the courts.

Funnily enough thought neither Vodafone nor O2 have come forward and explained exactly just how they think the planned auction is unfair, although an O2 spokesperson did respond when asked if unfair meant equal, by replying that was one of the issues they are reviewing.

Vodafone did say that while they are happy with the original plan, the merger of T-Mobile and Orange which will turn them into the UK’s biggest mobile network operator, has upset that plan.

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