Vodafone shuts GPS Wayfinder service, Nokia and Google Maps fault

Looks like Vodafone is feeling the pinch from the likes of Google Maps Navigation and Nokia Ovi Maps as according to an article over on engadget, Vodafone has now closed down their subscription GPS service known as Wayfinder.

Unfortunately with the closure of Vodafone Wayfinder, 90 jobs have also been lost, and Anna Cloke, a spokeswoman for Vodafone UK has stated “We could not charge for something that others give away for free.”

With Vodafone taking these first steps in reaction to free navigation form the like of Nokia and Google it could well trigger a similar reaction from others in Europe and the US who offer subscription based navigation.

So this could well signify the beginning of the death of the old way customers get their navigation services, burying subscription based GPS services for good, which when you consider free is better than paying, it’s a good thing.

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