Vodafone HTC Desire and Legend Release Date in April

So far, to date only T-Mobile mentioned the HTC Desire price plans, well now Vodafone has confirmed that the HTC Desire and Legend release date will be in April.

Yes, these two mobile phones will be release on Vodafone’s network in April, we do not know its exact release date or prices but we will get them soon, and soon as we know trust, us you will.

As said above T-Mobile released its price plans of the HTC Desire but there were many complaints over a £50 charge, well Carphone Warehouse are offering the same phone for free on a £30 a month for a two-year contract.

Just so, you all know we reported earlier that Vodafone would also be releasing the Google Nexus One, HTC Legend, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and HTC Desire in the UK in April as well.

Source — IT Pro


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  1. They are charging too much! Well, it would be quite challenging to choose between the two phone that will be release at the same month. The good thing is people will have better options to choose which one they would like.

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